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About Talkbpo

A business processing outsourcing company based in the Republic of Philippines operating in conjunction with our alliances call centres in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. With over 40 years combined experience, They can find, manage, and successfully operate your own voice and back end operations to ensure your value proposition is relayed to your customers, at a fraction of your current costs, with zero corporate tax thus reducing your capital expenditure by up to 40% and in some cases 70%. At talkbpo we can either manage your campaign in house at your current business centre and off shore with us direct or with one of our call centre alliances, who can specialise in the line of business you offer whether its outbound or back end operations services all supported by state of the art information technology customer relationship management, to ensure your business services are executed to your expectations with nil interruptions 24 hours a day 7 days per week.


Goldfish – Qu Vu Signs Up Talk Bpo Call Centres for CRM Solutions

Goldfish signs up Philippines based international outsourcing firm Talk BPO 19th January, 2017, Dublin, Ireland: Irish cloud communications software firm, Goldfish, has continued to expand its customers in The Philippines withRead More...
By : admin | Jan 20, 2018


I would like to thank yourself and Mariecris for all your hard work. Your communication has been excellent at all times and I appreciate you both telling it like it is without gloss or lip service . I have felt very comfortable using your services and would recommend you to anyone who asked.Mark Panos, IIG Financial Services Australia
Mike is an inspirational Leader and Sales & Marketing Executive. During his duties with Vividas Australia, Mike was able to increase our share price and sales revenues by securing significant sales deals with Air China, Tourism Ireland and Sony Columbia Tri Star Pictures (The Hulk) both in Australia and Asia for above the line marketing media advertising.Andrew HempelManaging Director & Co Founder, Andy Hempel Strategic Consulting and Trade Negotiation.
Michael is an inspirational leader with a vision. He has impressive skills in developing people as well as monitor their progress. He is successful both as a Academic professor as well as leader in the corporate world.” March 7, 2012, Dr.Khaled worked directly with Michael at King Saud University Saudi Arabia & Kent State University USADr.Khaled AbdelrahmanEntrepreneurship Academic Adviser, program manager at KSU-PY